Advanced Obedience Program –

Your dog will live with our pack in our household where daily activities take place during the training program selected. Your dog will learn a language and become a more confident dog. Part of training includes that they will be placed on a meal and walk schedule.

Lessons of Advanced Obedience- Prerequisite Basic Obedience

Your dog will build on obedience skills learned in Basic Obedience while off-leash with instructor is a distance away. Reinforcement of Sit, Stay, Sit/Stay, Down, Down/Stay, Heel, Come. Your dog will be taught how to handle distractions off-leash. At end of canine training owner will begin 1st of (3) 1-hour lessons to learn language and techniques needed to maintain what dog has been taught.

Duration: Two weeks training (14-days)

Payment Arrangement:
Down payment (1/2 of total) and signed contract are required up front to secure preferred start date. Balance due at end of each training program.

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