No amount of training in the world can teach a dog NOT to bark, but teaching him a command to STOP is possible. Your dog is barking for a reason. It’s up to us to find out why and train your dog to stop barking.

When visitors approach your home your dog will bark to let you know. By barking your dog is also letting the visitor know to refrain from getting any closer. Your dog is protecting his territory.That type of barking is called Territorial Barking. A bad guy is not going to risk your dog nipping or biting him and leaving him bloody or mangled; it’s just easier to go to rob your neighbor house who doesn’t have a dog.

Sometimes they like to hear themselves speak because they are bored. If you have been lacking in exercise and training, time to step up get back on track. Sign up for a training class; put your dog in daycare a few days a
week. Your dog’s mental and physical needs must be considered; if he is bored, find a way for him to keep busy.

Barking to demand your attention usually starts when you are housebreaking your puppy. He barks to go out and then realizes he has your attention when he demands it; so he now he barks for everything.

Separation Anxiety brings on nuisance barking. Your dog has to be ok while you are not there. Exercise is one way you can combat that destructive behavior.