Destructive Chewing

their sore gums feel better.

Adult dogs with destructive chewing habits have reasons for doing this. It is up to us to figure out why they are doing it so that the bad behavior can be dealt with– and no, your dog is not getting back at you by being spiteful.

Some reasons why they may be chewing include:
* The are mineral deficient.
* They’re bored.
* As a puppy they weren’t taught what they could and could not chew.
* They suffer from separation anxiety.
* Their behavior is fear-related.
* They just simply want attention, good or bad.

Please Note: You may need to consult your veterinarian for help with separation anxiety if the level is so high that your dog is hurting himself. Consider taking in a calm, low-key dog to help the one you already have or seek out a dog walker who can visit while you are at work. Sometimes a dog will just out grow that behavior. You may have to wait a year or longer though.

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