Daycare & Overnight Stays

Boarding your dog in a home environment verses boarding your dog in a kennel is a far better choice in my personal & professional opinion.

After having no choice but to place my two dogs in a kennel because there were no private pet sitters in the area I found that when I got my two back they were anxious,  hypersensitive to noises and spent. My belief is that other dogs in the kennel with anxiety issues and other unwanted behaviors caused my two to react.

Constant chaotic unprovoked barking, little to no personal contact and being caged for long periods altered my dogs’ state of mind. We have a tranquil home and this type of environment was something that they are definitely not used to. I felt terrible and vowed to never do that again. This is why we decided to offer Pet Sitting in our home.

In a home environment your dog will interact with humans and other dogs keeping them engaged in activities throughout the day and night. Unlike a kennel they are not caged up and are free to roam around as they would in their own home. Dogs are returned to their owners exercised and calm.

As far as your dog fitting in and getting along with others at the home there is a method I’ve developed in order for your dog to be comfortable meeting my pack for the first time. If you live in the area your pup will get to meet my pack prior to their stay. With my method I will be able to detect whether or not it will be a good pairing. 99% of the time the introduction is a success. With a successful introduction and induction into the pack you can rest assure that your dog will enjoy his stay with us.

We offer the following stays services:

IN OUR HOME – Overnights, Daycare  (Full and 1/2 days)

Clean and Calm Setting with human & canine interaction
SERVICES – Walks, Drop-Ins

Call us with the dates you have in mind and we will provide you with all the details including our pricing schedule.

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