Who We Are?

We Produce Well-Mannered Dogs With Good Attitudes

There is nothing like owning an obedient, well-mannered dog that you can be proud to own. Giving your canine the keys to understand a common language and providing you with the training needed to maintain what they have learned for a happy life together is our goal with each client we work with.
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Building Better Relationships Between People And Dogs

Stop Destructive Chewing
Dogs use their senses to explore the world. To gather information they use vision, sense of smell and their favorite, putting things in their mouth. Puppies teethe for roughly six months. To soothe their ache they resort to chewing to ease the discomfort as it makes their sore gums
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Stop Nuisance Barking
No amount of training in the world can teach a dog NOT to bark, but teaching him a command to STOP is possible. Your dog is barking for a reason. It’s up to us to find out why and train your dog to stop barking. When visitors approach your home your dog will bark to
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Stop Digging
There goes the lawn! Holes are everywhere. Why, you ask? Is your dog trying to run away when he is digging under the fence? Is it a form of entertainment? Digging is triggered by a number of reasons. Just as in any other bad behavior your first course of action is to find out what reason
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Training Programs
Fix Problem Behaviors
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