Our Obedience Service

Puppy Classes

Obedience dog training helps your puppy develop a positive attitude toward learning and becoming a friendly adult dog. With these dog training skills you will be able to enjoy your dog’s companionship for far more many years.

Our Obedience Service

Basic On-Leash

Get private undivided, individual obedience dog training instruction for you and your dog from a master trainer on how-to train your dog to walk nicely on leash for starters so that your dog doesn’t pull you on leash in public.

Our Obedience Service

Advanced Off-Leash

This program is the complete package of obedience dog training. If you would like your dog to obey your commands while they are off-leash even when confronted by distractions then this is the program for you. Your dog will learn to obey it’s commands off-leash so that you, yourself are able to enjoy more freedom while outdoors.

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