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Pet Sitting

We are ranked & rated #1 in Milford, PA for our pet sitting services so why leave your dog in a kennel? Dog gone happy services include daycare and overnight dog boarding. We’re very involved with your dog during their stay. From walks, playing fetch & nap times to giving them tons of hugs and kisses we attempt to address all their needs and even try to teach them a trick or two. If you prefer for us to come to you we can check in on your dog and walk them to be sure they have what they need while you are away. We can even provide transportation from your location to the vet and back or take them on a dog park trip. 

Our Services

Dog Training

Here at Dog Gone Happy Training we train your dog to be obedience either on leash or off leash.

What is obedience dog training exactly? Obedience is achieved when a command is given and automatically complied with without thought. A dog is NOT obedient if he complies with some but not all commands given.  With training your dog will understand what you are asking of them. Moreover, whether your dog is a young puppy or an adult we are able to fix all sorts of unwanted behavior.

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