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Dog Training & Behaviorist


As dog trainer and behaviorist for 30+ years, we have the ability to teach your dog how to be obedient and resolved unwanted behaviors. Most importantly, we teach you how to maintain what your dog has learned.


As a trainer and behaviorist we solve unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, jumping up or aggression with obedience dog training. We also offer pet sitting services when you need to go away for the day or even longer.


If you need a dog trainer and dog behaviorist reach us fast by PHONE 570-575-8504 where we can talk live about your needs. However, you're welcomed to message us using our Contact Form on the Contact page.

Dog Training

Basic Dog Training

Encourages desirable behavior: The most obvious reason to train your dog is that you can encourage good behavior—and discourage undesirable behavior. Training your dog means teaching them how to sit, stay, and heel, as well as how to resist chewing up your shoes, and how to wait to urinate until they’re outside. Training can help puppy owners and dog owners alike enjoy their pet’s company.

Dog Training

Why Dog Training Essentials

Offers mental stimulation: Just like humans, dogs can get bored—and when they get bored, they can act out. Training your dog, whether you’re teaching them essential commands like how to sit and stay, or fun new tricks like how to play dead can be a fun mental exercise that feels like playtime for your dog.

Dog Training

Best way to house train a puppy

Builds trust: When your dog successfully learns a new command, it builds the trust and affection they feel toward you, transforming your dog from the family pet to a loyal and reliable companion. Working on commands with your dog is the key to developing a strong and lasting relationship with them.

Dog Training

Tools to get the job done right

Herm Sprenger Prong Training Collar with Aluminum Buckle Release
Dog Training

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Train your Dog With A

Professional Dog Trainer

With a evaluation by a professional dog trainer you take the guesswork out of why your dog is behaving the way they are so that you can better understand them and get the help you need. Once you’ve gotten that help you can really start enjoying your relationship with your dog just as you imagined it would be so that you can proudly and confidently include them in your daily activities without worrying about them behaving badly.

Dog Gone Happy Training

We Produce Well Mannered Canines with Good Attitudes

There is nothing like owning an obedient, well-mannered dog that you can be proud to own. Giving your canine the keys to understand a common language and providing you with the dog training needed to maintain what they have learned for a happy life together is our goal with each client we work with. This is why hiring a dog trainer will help you.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a positive approach to dog training will enable you to have a well-mannered dog that listens to you. As a seasoned dog trainer and animal behaviorist I have the ability to turn out a “polished” or “finished” dog. More importantly, I am able to teach you how to handle your dog to retain the language and desired behavior that has been taught.

We feel a well-trained, obedient dog will be much happier one because they understand a language, they have structure, discipline and a pack hierarchy. Nowadays, with more people and businesses understanding that a canine is part of one’s family newly developed modern business models have now included many accommodations with this thought in mind so that an obedient canine has more liberties than ever before.

With your pledge to carry on consistent management after completing one of our training programs this what will allow your dog or puppy to enjoy today’s available liberties and you can be the proud owner of a happy, confident obedient canine that you can take with you just about anywhere.

Because no two dogs are alike, no two dogs can be trained in the same manner. Knowing this we put a dog training program together that is tailored to each dog’s individual temperament and needs. Therefore, as a dog accomplishes the goals we have set for them we will continually make adjustments to every dog’s program to reach our desire results.

Whether the dog is having behavioral issues or needs to learn to be obedient, we can provide you with the skills and program which best suits your dog. If you follow the program and method created for your dog, you will be extremely happy. Please visit our Testimonial page to read about what past clients have to say.

Clients & Testimonials

The owners are amazing people who go above and beyond to ensure the dog’s safety whether it be for pet sitting or training. They have an amazing set up for all of the dogs they see and I only trust them with my two puppers! Definitely recommend

Kaitlyn Fedor

26 October 2019

We would definitely recommend having
your dog visit here.
What a great place for our Puppy Harley.
So well cared for giving us a piece of mind as we traveled Many thanks for all their care

Elizabeth Joy

27 February 2017

I had recently hired Christina to pet sit
for my three month old puppy, Dash, in June 2018. I located her through the website and found she was not too far from my house. Christina was very friendly when I had first contacted her.

Haley N

03 January 2019

Gregory Wojtera
Gregory Wojtera
Very happy with Christina”s dog sitting services, and will definitely hire her again.
Kevin J. Breen
Kevin J. Breen
Benji our golden lab puppy was as playful and unruly as an adolescent child. Like any young puppy training and discipline was needed. I researched local trainers and was quite impressed with Christina. As an owner, she was helpful and advised us on the needs a young puppy required. She seemed smart and her help was appreciated. Her smart suggestions and helpful advice came before we even committed to her training program for Benji. Benji worked with Christina for four weeks! Christina called us and was now confident Benji was trained. When we picked up Benji, Christina explained the importance of continuing with the communication and training of Benji with us at home. Her helpful efforts continued while Benji returned and today I can tell you we enjoy Benji more! Christina and Dog Gone Happy Training more than fulfilled our expectations and we are happy with our Benji. Thank you Christina.
Rich Hajdu
Rich Hajdu
Christina and her husband looked after my lab mix 9 days while I was on vacation. We recently used Christina for training at our house as well and she was fantastic. I was so happy i didn't have to put him in a kennel. Instead he was able to stay in our house and they checked on him frequently throughout the day. She was fantastic she would send pictures and updates regularly. I trust Christina and her husband completely with my dog. Price was really good also imo, on par with kennels. Plus he got to stay in the comfort of his home.
Michael Saffarewich
Michael Saffarewich
I recently used Dog Gone Happy Training & Pet Sitting to take care of my two dogs in my absence. Christina, the propieter, was professional in all of my dealings with this need. The business is caring, empathetic to needs, knowledgeable, and experiened. My dogs were happy and I had confidence I worked with the right person. I would not hesitate recommending Dog Gone Happy for sitting, training and or advice, to anyone.
Elizabeth Del Re
Elizabeth Del Re
Amazing experience with Christina. We finally have a safe, friendly and disciplined day care to send our pup when we have to be gone a long day. Highly recommend.
kathryn martone
kathryn martone
Christina helped us recently with some dog sitting. She was wonderful and really really appreciated her help- especially since it was past minute ! Christina is wonderful with dog and very accommodating!!! Highly recommend any of her services.
Kristin Bisagna
Kristin Bisagna
I know when I leave my dog with Christina that she is in good hands. Christina is an excellent trainer and has given me good tips to keep my dog under control. She is an excellent communicator and responds quickly to my messages. I had struggled to find help with my dog in the area, and I’m so glad that I found Christina.
Carolyn O'Neil
Carolyn O'Neil
I did a consultation with Christina but ultimately went with someone else, for various reasons. I regret it! Christina is committed to helping you train your dog. She offers a structured, consistent, attentive program with clear instructions, homework, and guidance, in addition to working together at her facility. Oftentimes it's the dog owner who needs training as much as the dog, and she can do both. She might be a tiny bit more expensive, but she offers more for it. I suspect that a year from now I may be coming back to her to get the job done, lol.
Lance Hostetler
Lance Hostetler
All needed was a yes or no on whether my puppy could get boarding. Instead got a lecture on things my wife didn't even mention on the phone
Lainie Sakakura
Lainie Sakakura
Excellent dog training. We adopted a Husky/GSD puppy with all the crazy puppy energy that you’d expect but are unprepared for. We read everything and watched a ton of YouTube videos but it’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there. Christina gave us straightforward direction with a clear plan of action. I always say she trains the humans as much as the dog because the humans in the family need learn how to be clear and consistent with their verbal and physical gestures. It takes commitment and work for our dog to be successful. Formal training from Christina is well worth the investment. We already have a dog that we can walk with ease in the busiest streets of Manhattan without pulling or barking. People are always impressed with her behavior and this is just the beginning.

Chose Dog Gone Happy for Obedience training for our Husky. Christina did an amazing job and solved the problem we were having with chewing and counter surfing. During lessons Christina explained what we needed to do to maintain what she learned. Our Sapphire listens to commands on the first try and no longer pulls on walks. Life has gotten a lot easier. We recommend Christina highly.

Julia'S A.

Feb 5, 2017

Christina and her husband are excellent in so many ways. My husband and I have an intact male German Shepherd and a rescue female Shepherd mix. Our dogs are trained and well behaved but have never been left with anyone else for extended period of time. We arranged a meet and greet with Christina and her two dogs at their beautiful and clean home. She took the time to introduce our dogs to her pack the right way, we first walked outside side by side, then moved on the space inside the house. We went away for our first vacation, leaving our dogs with Christina with confidence. All we had to supply was toys and the food, she took care of our raw meals with ease. While we were away, she updated us via text with plenty of lazy on couches, happy, relaxed and playful dogs. Christina has the necessary understanding of pack mentally, knowledge and the tools to get the job done, she's kind, professional and fair priced. Highly recommended!

Yul Ka

28 July 2018

You know your dog is well taken care of, when you go to pick him up and he turns around and wants to stay with the sitter. A home away from home! Absolutely wonderful place to leave your four legged family member! We have left our Rufus there on more than one occasion and will continue to do so. The only home I would entrust my little loved one to! Rufus loves Christina & Allan along with Honae & Apollo! To us it is all about what makes Rufus happy in our absence. So their home is the only place away from home for our Rufus!!! Love them!!!

Rose Palermo

5 December 2016

I recently moved to PA with my baby boy Ceasar who is my life. I met with Christine and her husband for the first time. Christine walked me through how she would care for my little boy over the course of the few days I was gone. She allowed enough time for our dogs to meet and took extra time to allow me to feel comfortable with the idea of leaving him. She is an amazing loving woman who took my stress away and loved my dog like I would. I received videos and pictures even his baby tooth he lost while he was there. She was verry attentive over the few days he spent there. I look forward to working with her again. Honestly I will not go anywhere else for my dog care. She is again an amazing person and does a great job with dogs ..

Brianne Flynn

28 August 2017

She took our baby boy Zepplin and he was well feed and treated him like her own now we have a person to take our dog in and treat him like her own dogs

Jeniffer Annette

27 July 2017

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