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vaccine info
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Vaccine info

A new strain of Bordetella aka kennel cough with no available vaccine to suppress symptoms has been affecting the Tri-State area. As we are commitment to the health and welfare of our clients we have been and continue to be extremely diligent in making sure that all dogs who come for training and/or pet care are vaccinated.

We are constantly cleaning, washing and disinfecting throughout the day to lessen the chance of having the virus enter our home.

However, since there is no vaccine currently available for this new strain please be aware that your pet could contract the virus anywhere. Most probable at the groomers, kennels, dog parks, pet stores and anywhere dogs can gather. We are a small business with fewer dogs than most standard kennels. This provides a lesser chance of exposure but not a guarantee. Moreover, “this is the season” according to local vet, Dr. DeMao, of Shohola Animal Hospital. Therefore, please consider the possible risk.

Thank you.