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Frequently Asked Questions

Will obedience training solve my dog's problem?

Obedience resolves 100% of your dog’s problems. It is part of the base of any training you may be thinking of. The other half is a dog’s behavior.

Do you offer group classes?

No, I don’t believe in them. If you want to see long lasting change you need a trainer to pay full attention to you and your puppy or dog. Missing the slightest nuances could set you back unnecessarily and cause you unwanted frustration.

Where do you train?

At our location in Milford, PA. Whether you choose private 1 on 1 lessons or Board & Train program all training is done on site. We have all the necessary equipment that we need for any exercise readily available.

What methods do you use?

I am a balanced trainer which means I teach a dog a language in a very positive manner. However, training is a very simplistic reward/consequence system. Therefore, once the dog has been conditioned to the wanted behavior when the dog chooses the unwanted behavior a correction will follow. This tells the dog that it has made the wrong choice and to try again. Once the correct condition response is given then we praise.