How should you place a prong collar on a dog?

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What is a prong Collar on a dog?

A Prong collar is typically a metal collar with links that have legs with dull points at the end which is designed to contract to hold a dog back from lunging or moving too far ahead or lagging too far behind while on a walk. It allows a handler to instantly keep a dog under control. Some dogs, usually adults, have the strength to lunge or even drag a handler to the ground when triggered by a distraction. If you cannot control your dog, this can be problematic.

Using a prong collar in these circumstances may be in your best interest. This kind of neck restraint prevents your dog from pulling, dragging, lunging or even escaping forcing a handler to lose control by using force and running. In most cases prongs links are made of metal and sometimes plastic which are attached link to link. These prongs links with the help of a martingale design place gentle pressure on a dog’s neck if the dog tries to escape or pull himself. The prongs on the collar tighten just enough to control your dog without hurting him as the band around his neck constricts as your dog pulls but instantly releases when your dog stops pulling.

How to Put a Prong Collar on a dog?

The first step is to seek professional advice to learn how and when to use this product. This is a slightly more complex collar that can be worn during training or on a walk. Professional trainers know how to handle aggressive dogs. So they can always suggest this kind of collar to help you improve controlling your dog.

The second step is to properly size a prong collar for it to be most effective. Always be sure to buy from a reputable website that specializes in how to use such training gear. Make sure to choose the appropriate size based on your dog’s neck measurements.

Always tie it just below the jaw and behind your dog’s ears to ensure that it fits appropriately. It will be useless if it is a little lower as it is meant to control the head. The leash hook should be facing upward behind your dog’s ears. Never position the leash hook so that it is horizontal or below the jaw as there will be too much slack providing no control.

If a dog is unruly then using a prong collar on a dog while on a walk is recommended. It should only be utilized while on walks or during training but should never be left on while in a crate as it can very easily get hooked onto the wire sides. Trainers strongly advise against using this product while a dog is in a crate.

When Should Prong Collar on a dog be stopped?

Prong collars should not be used on a dog if the dog has any preexisting neck injuries. Furthermore, once your dog has mastered listen skills and you are able to use only verbal commands or hand signals 100% of the time then your dog has mastered the training of leash manners and is no longer misbehaving. Then, you can bring him for a stroll without the need of a prong collar but until then it is always a good idea to have it sitting in idle just in case your dog decides to change his mind.
Using a prong collar on a rambunctious puppy less than four months old is not recommended. Prong collars are a quick and effective tool which will instantly solve unruly dog behavior and is a great tool for dogs who cannot learn proper leash behavior through other means, according to balanced trainers, who would recommend this method for adults and mature puppies alike. So use this approach to train your dog if you want instant results.

Advantages of Prong Collars on a dog

This product is unquestionably safer than a choke collar, which also applies pressure to your dog’s neck cutting off its airway.
Some dogs are so unruly and take much longer to train than others, which can be aggravating and require a lot of the owner’s time and effort. An owner may not have the strength to control their dog.
You must be aware of your dog’s behavior to prevent any such situation as owning a dog is a privilege and an owner has an obligation to keep the public safe from harm. This product is the most well-known means of restraining for unexpected aggressive outbursts of dogs that result in loss of control or running away.
In the dog world to assert dominance or gain control, dogs pinch each other’s necks. This is how they naturally correct and control each other.
Using a prong collar on a dog helps manage aggressive behavior in public. If you recently attained your dog, it can also aid in training him. Proper sizing of a prong collar and proper instruction on how to use a prong collar will avoid your dog to be hurt when in use.

You should always seek out the help of a professional dog training to show you how to properly use a prong collar so that you don’t run the risk of rendering this excellent training tool useless.


Prong collars are useful for managing your dog’s aggressive behaviour in public. If you recently adopted your dog, it can also aid in training him. They might also be the cause of your dog being hurt or tortured if not used carefully.You can use Boarding services for your dogs to get better training.