Assessment & Initial Lesson – Behavioral Questionnaire Completed

Assessment & Initial Lesson – Behavioral Questionnaire Completed


A Behavioral Questionnaire must be completed prior to selecting this option in order to provide you with a complete professional analysis of your dog’s behavior. Once completed then you will receive a call from the trainer to discuss your responses. Thereafter, a date and time to work your dog and your 1st training lesson will be set. This entire process (initial phone call, review of completed behavioral questionnaire, watching you work your dog & trainer giving you your 1st lesson) is the complete evaluation & assessment process. This will give the trainer a complete picture of why your dog is giving you the trouble that they are. The trainer will be able to tell you why and how to resolve those problems. If at that point you would like to proceed forward then you’ll be invited to consult with the trainer to talk about the best options for you and your dog.

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