Herm Sprenger Prong Collar with Aluminum Buckle Release for Training

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar with Aluminum Buckle Release for Training


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Many dog owners do not take their dogs for walks because their dog pulls, lunges or is leash reactive and when a dog doesn’t get walked on a regular basis, it can create bad behaviors at home… such as chewing, barking and jumping. These bad behaviors can spin out of control if not corrected immediately.

But now there is a great solution. World renowned as the professional’s choice, the HERM SPRENGER line of German Steel ROUNDED TIP martingale design prong collars with our added Aluminum Buckle Release are the perfect choice– as it gives you total control over your unruly dog and is easy on your hands. This prong collar produces an even pressured safe pinch for the most effective corrective dog training prong collar available. These outstanding collars are made of polished chrome plated steel. The ends of the prongs are nicely rounded and not sharp. These prong collars are a great economical choice if you find that your dog needs training but are not ready to hire a professional trainer.

When properly fitted and used correctly prong collars are very effective and safe training tools. If you have difficulty opening and closing objects, our Aluminum Slide Release Buckle Quick-Snap may be your solution. Instead of opening and closing the individual links of the collar, just unclip the Side Release Buckle and place the collar around your dog’s neck and re-clip. You will love the convenience.

6 TOP REASONS TO BUY: The aluminum buckle release is the only model we highly recommend because of its quality materials, design, ease of use, money savings and safety. Why? 1. All our buckle adapters are custom made and assembled in the USA. 2. The buckle adapter is made of aluminum, not plastic which will become brittle and crack. 3. The martingale portion is made of steel, not nylon so it will not fray or wear out. 4. Using our collar never hurts your hands because you avoid having to disconnect and reconnect the prong links when putting it on and taking it off after each use. 5. Using our collar saves you from depressing the links regularly which will eventually cause warping needing constant replacement and finally 6. No need to worry about warped links detaching when you least expect it causing you to no longer have control your dog which can go back to pulling, lunging or even running away from you. NOT A GOOD POSITION TO BE IN!

HOW IT TRAINS: Our collars are used to help control a stubborn or unruly dog, but will not harm the dog if used properly. The prongs are blunt on the end and go inwards towards the neck of the dog. Again, the prong collar is NOT designed to hurt your dog. It simply puts universal pressure around the entire dog’s neck, kind of like a mother dog does when correcting her puppies. The collar will tighten under pressure as in when a dog pulls ahead or lunges forward. The pressure will release instantly when your dog stops pulling or lunging. The dog in essence self-corrects. It also gives you a clear & concise way to communicate with your dog to stop the unwanted behavior.

HOW TO FIT: The collar should be worn snug on the neck. It should be a snug fit just under the jaw right behind the ears. *Proper Fit: Measure your dog’s neck and add 2 inches. Normally the 2.25mm measures 14 inches. With our buckle collar the coller will now measure 15 1/2 inches. The 3.0mm normally measures 16 inches but with the buckle adapter the collar measures 18 inches. Just one more thing if we are out of the 3.0 mm then consider the 3.2mm as it is only 1.4 ounces heavier and it measures 23″ long. Great substitute for those looking for the 3.0mm. 

HOW TO USE: Dogs should never wear a prong collar while in a wire crate as they can get hooked to a rung. It is proper for a dog to enter into their crate, be asked to sit or lay down and have their handler remove the collar then close and secure the door. When you want to let your dog out of the crate place your dog in a sit or down, open the crate with the prong collar in hand and buckle unfastened. Place the collar around your dog’s neck and fasten and attach a leash prior to their release from the crate. Then when ready calmly walk your dog out of the crate. This prevents what is called in the industry having your dog become “collar smart” which means your dog knows that when the collar is off they do no have to obey or walk nicely on leash. Trust us when we say they can learn this instantaneously! Also, do not (unless you are a training professional) leave your dog unattended & tether while wearing a training collar.


Don’t judge the book by its cover!

The prong collar may not be pretty, and it definitely gets bad reviews (unfairly in my opinion) among some dog owners and dog trainers who have different training beliefs or are uneducated on what the training collar really is and how it is the best product on the market when used properly.  Our, prong collar is a great training tool to communicate with your dog and it WORKS! Better yet with our adapter it is much easier to fasten and unfasten around your dog’s neck and you’ll never have to worry about warping another prong link again which if you already read above is NOT A GOOD POSITION TO BE IN!

Note: We sell Herm Sprenger in Small and Medium sizes only. We feel the lighter the link the better for training. So for necks that measure more than 18″ we suggest buying extra links which we also sell in our SHOP.

As always, if you need help we are just a phone call away…570-575-8504. Ask for me, Christina.


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HS 6423 14" Sm 2.25mm Std Prong, HS 6421 18" Med 3.00mm Std Prong, 3.2mm is 1.4 ounces heavier and 23" long.


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