Housebreaking BT Program

Housebreaking BT Program


Housebreaking Program for (approximate length 14-17 days), (1) handover session (mandatory attendance by Client) includes maintenance schedule, equipment list and 1 month telephone support.

The goal being to teach Dog a set behavior for outdoor urination and defecation and teach Client how to work to maintain Dog’s behavior. This board and train program will take place and Dog will stay in Trainer’s facility. Thereafter, Trainer will make every reasonable effort to help Client maintain training and behavior modification goals but makes no guarantee of Dog’s performance or behavior once Dog leaves facility. Client understands that he/she and members of the household must follow Trainer’s instructions without modification, work with dog daily as recommended, and constantly reinforce training being given to Dog for optimal results. Client agrees to purchase equipment on list that Trainer recommends in order to continue with said training.

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