Housebreaking instruction plus BT Basic Obedience On Leash for 2 dogs

Housebreaking instruction plus BT Basic Obedience On Leash for 2 dogs


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You’ll be able to come home, greet your dog calmly, take them for a relaxed walk and have them listen the first time so that they’ll understand what you want from them. Your dog will learn basic obedience dog training on-leash.

Your dog will learn:

  • Heeling – Your dog will be along your left side & will sit automatically when you stop. This is used when walking in a store or a busy street.
  • Loose Leash Walking- Dog will be able to walk with you on leash not pulling. This is used when letting your dog go potty or unstructured walk in the woods.
  • Release Command- Lets your dog know when its their free time and not be focused on you.
  • Down and Stay- Your dog will lie down on command and hold their position until released.
  • Sit and Stay- Your dog will sit & stay until released.
  • Come/ Recall (off-leash)- Your dog will return to you, from a distance of 50 feet, and sit.
  • Mark Command- Your dog will go to the designated are and stay until released.
  • Bed Command- Your dog will enter into their crate.
  • Physical Conditioning- Your dog will be trained to run on a treadmill so during the cold months they will get their needed exercise while inside your home.
  • Pack Socialization- Your dog will be able to play and socialize with their playmates in between training sessions.
  • Field Trips- Visits to various public settings to  perform proof training around higher levels of distraction while conditioning your canine to perform in various situations and scenarios. Great for dogs in need of environmental desensitization or impulse control.


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