Puppy training 101: Why Puppy Training Is Important!

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Puppy training 101: Why Puppy Training Is Important!

As soon as you bring your puppy home, it’s best to start training as soon as possible. Training your puppy doesn’t mean you just teach him manners; it should be a rewarding process. Puppy training can also help strengthen your bond with your puppy.

Most puppies love the training process as they receive a lot of praise from their owners. But how should you start the training process? What is the best age to start training a new puppy? Why is training your puppy important, and how can it improves your relationship with your puppy? If you want to know these answers read this blog to the end.

At what age should you start training your new puppy?

Puppy training begins as soon as they open their eyes. Most breeders start socializing and handling them early on. They will begin to understand everything as soon as they start walking. Puppies basically have a short attention span, but they will begin to understand the basic command of obedience at the age of 7 to 8 weeks.

However, you should not delay the training process because this juvenile stage is very sensitive. Your puppy will learn from his experiences, and if you missed the opportunity to train him, he would not know how you want him to behave.

Basically, what puppies learn in the juvenile stage will become a solidified pattern throughout their lives. If you don’t train your puppy at that age, he will learn unwanted behavior that will be difficult to change in adult life.

Puppies have short attention spans at a young age, so train them daily and in short, brief sessions. You should use positive reinforcement along with treats and rewards.

Why is it important to train your puppy?

If you think that dog training is just about teaching them some new tricks, then you are wrong. Some people try to train their puppies’ obedience commands with heavy punishment, and they consider it a luxury to get help from a professional.

However, time is changing, and people have turned towards professional training.

You Can Build a Positive and Lasting Relationship

If you want to understand your dog, the best way is to train him. This will also help you to know what your dog is trying to communicate. Time spent training your dog will also strengthen your bond and make your relationship more understanding and purposeful.

If you train your dog with a friendly approach, you will promote good behaviors, increase mutual trust, and build a positive relationship. Also, a well-trained dog is more likely to be well-behaved and self-disciplined.

You Can Teach Life Skills

There are many challenges associated with owning a dog, but these problems can be reduced if you teach your dog some life skills. Teach your puppy all the basic commands with enough physical activities and mental stimulation. It will help to avoid all unwanted behaviors.

You Can Make Them More Sociable

All puppies are not social at birth. By 3 weeks of age, they begin to develop socialization skills while in the company of their litter mates. By week 16+/- the socialization window closes, making it harder for a puppy to become desensitized to everyday on-goings. They are nervous about everything at first, but if you teach them how to socialize with other animals, people, noises, and objects, they will become sociable.

When your veterinarian clears your puppy, you can take them to parks or other places, enroll them in puppy classes, and socialize with other animals. Prior to that, you can introduce your puppy to different objects and unusual sounds while in your home as you wait for clearance. If your puppy is sociable, it means that he will not feel uncomfortable during interaction with other people, places, things, noises, or animals. However, one thing is clear: a well-trained dog will be more social.

You Can Help Them Avoid Problem Behaviors

Training your puppy will build a relationship where you and your puppy begin to understand a common language of communication. So, the more time you spend with your puppy in training, the more he will understand the communication language. Also, problems that can arise as a result of a lack of understanding can be avoided.

It’s simple if your puppy has learned the “sit” and “stay” command; you can use them whenever your puppy is doing something wrong or when you want to avoid problem behaviors. Furthermore, the training will also help to overcome the anxiety problem.

Loyalty and Companionship Is Rewarding

Training your dog is essential for a healthy and happy life for both of you. It is better to tell your puppy what is right rather than punishing him. In fact, with proper training, you will gain devout companionship and loyalty, and this is the most a dog owner could ask for.

The Best Way to Train a Puppy, Seek Professional Help

You can train your puppy at home by introducing some basic commands, but you need patience, consistency, and most importantly, choosing the best training method.

According to recent researchpuppy classes have been found to be a very important component of proper socialization in dogs. This research was conducted at Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Research results showed that puppies who attended the puppy classes are less likely to get nervous or suffer from separation anxiety.

The sad truth is that if your dog is not well trained, he will end up in a shelter home because behavior problems are difficult to tolerate. Therefore, investing some time and money in training your puppy with help from a professional trainer will make you both happy in life.

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Puppy training is essential for the dog to avoid unwanted behaviors and live a happy life in our society. It is best to train your puppy at a young age. You can take your well-trained dog on all kinds of adventures without worry.