Dog Gone Happy Mark Program

Dog Gone Happy Mark Program


Mark Command: Teaches your dog to remain on an object like a platform, dog bed, pillow or rug with all four paws and wait until you release him from that position despite any distractions. Purpose: To manage behavior around the house such as to keep an excited dog out of the way when visitors arrive, when door bell rings or to limit begging behavior when food is on the table. It is also taught to build confidence and proprioceptive awareness in your dog meaning you are teaching the dog to be aware of how to manage and control her body movement. It requires discipline of mind and body mechanics, and because of that it builds confidence. A dog that uses their mind and body in a directed way on a regular basis is a dog that is way easier to live with, and confidence = calmness. Program requires 2 additional weeks of training time. Includes training platform.

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