Overnight dog boarding services

Our overnight boarding service provides a home away from home for your furry friend. We understand that leaving your pet behind can be stressful, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that your pet feels comfortable and loved during their stay with us.

Our overnight boarding service includes a range of amenities to keep your pet happy and entertained, including spacious and comfortable sleeping areas, plenty of toys, and regular exercise and playtime. Our facility is also equipped with temperature control and air filtration to ensure your pet’s comfort and health.

Your dog will be very well taken care of with us in overnight dog boarding service. We are extremely attentive. At night they can sleep on the couch with other dogs so long as they are not destructive to property or eliminate indoors. We have surveillance cameras throughout so that we can view them at night to be sure that they are settled in.

We are up bright and early every day at the same time ready to greet them with a smile in the morning. We follow a fairly scheduled routine and we pay attention to what they may be trying to express throughout the day in our overnight dog boarding service.

An overnight boarding service can be a stressful experience for any pet, but we make sure to provide the facilities and friendly enviornment to the dogs at dog overnight boarding. 

Your dog will be walked on schedule a few times a day. They will be walked around our permitted area.

There is nap time during the day where everyone rests in the open room after playtime in our overnight dog boarding service. We are very involved with them during the entire day. We play fetch, wrestle, give tons of hugs and kisses, pet them, morning massages, keep them clean, and attempt to teach them a trick or two.

We put out fresh blankets for them to sit/sleep on. During the summer the air conditioning is on for them in our overnight dog training.

We talk to them using the words they have been taught for better communication/understanding of one another. They are all shown affection and positive rewards either by voice, hand or treats. If they don’t understand a request or command we try again until they “get” what it is that we are asking them to do. We are very patient. We run on a schedule so they get a feel for what will happen next during the course of the day.

Please place your dog(s) in the care of the #1 Host on the Mountain!

Boarding Acceptance Requirements:
#1 MUST BE POTTY-TRAINED. Unless a puppy. This includes submissive or excitable peeing, marking territory and/or incontinence (not be able to hold their pee); 
#2 Social with other humans & dogs. We have our own dogs and we host more that one guest dog. All dogs are curious & some may want to play. This must be ok with you;
#3 Vaccinations must be current and on a flea & tick preventative;
#4 Meet n’ Greet. Special arrangements can be made for out of towners.

It's a Dog's Life