Mini Prong Collar

Mini Prong Collar


Small Dog Collar

An 11 inch prong collar, the Micro stays up under the jaw and on the safe part of the neck where it should be, without slipping down. And it provides gentle, steady pressure when pulled against, eliminating the uneven, pointy feel of too few prongs on a small neck.

In addition to working brilliantly for small dogs, the benefits of using a Micro collar with medium and large size dogs are especially good for larger dogs with short, sleek coats, as standard sized collars tend to slip down on slippery fur. The Micro stays in place better on these dogs and, when links are added, the increased number of prongs provides a more even, custom fit.

Additional Micro prong links are available for sale on this site.

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This is not a HERM SPRENGER product.

Designed for the puppies and small dogs this collar produces an even pressured safe pinch for an effective correction training collar available.

Used to help control a stubborn or unruly dog, but will not harm the dog if used properly. The prongs are blunt on the end and go inwards towards the neck of the dog. The collars will tighten under pressure and will release pressure instantly.

Stainless-Steel. Micro 1.6mm (fits neck up to 9″)

Proper Fit: Measure your dog’s neck and add 2 inches. If the collar does not fit purchase additional links that we sell.


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